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Goodman - 96% AFUE Multipoise Gas Furnaces

We are often asked, what is the best furnace or air conditioner brand? I tell them to spend their time researching who they chose to install it over worrying about what the best ac or furnace is to purchase. We are a small, owned and operated residential HVAC business located in Salem Township Michigan, and for 30 years we have established our reputation in the HVAC commercial industry by giving honest, straight answers to our customers. Therefore ,we recommend based on value and the success we have with Two HVAC manufacturers. Payne and Goodman

Goodman is somewhat unknown to homeowners in the midwest states as opposed to the southwest where are manufactured in Texas. Chances are you have heard of one of its two subsidiaries Amana and Daiken. Although Goodman and Amana offer much of the same components and technology as their Daiken counterpart, the price is slightly higher to have the name, Goodman. But, they have an excellent reputation for dependability, exceptional warranties, and phenomenal customer service, so most HVAC companies agree it’s worth the extra money to go for the Goodman furnace.

Goodman 96% efficiency furnace

Why We Recommend Goodman

Goodman manufactures some of the best-priced furnaces in the country. Homeadvisor ranks Goodman and Payne among the lowest overall cost or about half the price of Ruud and Trane.

Energy Star Certified – Just because they are incredibly affordable doesn’t mean higher gas bills. With six models that are Energy Star certified and with an AFUE rating of up to 98%, they are as efficient as the most expensive units.

Primary Heat Exchanger – Unique, tubular aluminized steel construction formed using wrinkle-bend technology results in an extremely durable heat exchanger. Paired with a secondary heat exchanger made of stainless-steel the two provide, durability, reliability and efficiency.

Two-Stage Gas Valve – Reduces gas needed during moderate demand to deliver outstanding comfort and efficiency as compared to single-stage gas valves.

Multi-Speed ECM Motor – Automatically adjusts airflow to match comfort needs, reduces energy consumption and system noise as compared to single-stage motors.

Quiet, Two-Speed, Induced-Draft Blower – Provides precise control and enhanced energy-efficient performance as compared to a natural draft furnace.

Durable 110-Volt Silicon Nitride Igniter – Eliminates the need for an energy-wasting pilot light.

Self-Diagnosing Control Board – Continuously monitors the system for durable, reliable operation, stores last diagnostic codes in memory; and reports condition through a flashing LED for quick troubleshooting.

Thermally -Insulated Cabinet – The fully insulated cabinet means lower blower noise and less than 2% of air leakage for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

When installed by a licensed professional, Goodman gas furnaces merely work the way they’re supposed to, worried and trouble free

The aluminized steel, tubular primary heat exchanger found in Goodman furnaces is the single most important component in the furnaces performance
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